About Mobile network Observer

Send hard data to the your mobile network support in case of network problems.

Application Mobile network Observer is used to capture technical details of the actual mobile network environment. You can report captured details via email or other channels to you or your network operator support. In the map view it is easy to check your route and network signal strength if you use GPS. There are settings where you can define default recipient e-mail or subscriber identification. Those settings helps you to communicate with your business representative or customer care in the smooth way. You can decide what will happen with the gathered data. By collecting reports it is possible to describe repetitive problems and re-send them to the support of your network operator. 

On the report screen you can rate quality of the last performed call in the range from 1 to 10. Rating by the one point means that call quality is not acceptable. Ten points is maximal rating and means no problem with call quality at all. You can use problem description with the following predefined values "Dropped call", "Deaf call" and "Setup error". Reporting is possible via e-mail or other channels. This is not just netmonitor software. Network monitoring is expressed in graphical way helping you to see what is mobile network coverage quality. Network quality is the key factor to use network services. 

There is graphical expression of the mobile network measurement. In the map you can see signal strength for GSM BTS marked by the green boarders of the measurement path and nodeB signal strength is marked by blue boarder for UMTS network. Using data from Mobile network Observer can help you to build your own coverage map based on measurements.

Cellular networks has deferred technologies used in their radio access part. Mobile network observer is able to tell you used radio data network type for example GSM, EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA, HUSPA, CDMA, EVDO etc.. On the main screen is expressed serving Cell ID in case of 3g network is calculated RNC ID and Cell ID. 

You can download the Mobile network Observer from Google Play or use QRcode below.