Network coverage

Network operators are publishing coverage maps on their web pages. There are differences between theoretical models and real network coverage. It could happen that you will need network service where you are staying and your network provider will argue that the signal coverage is there. It could really happen when for example the radio environment changes thanks to new constructions in this area. In this case you can support your request by measurement from the Mobile network observer and decrease time to problem resolution.

2g 3g oscillation

In areas where is boarder of the 2g and 3g coverage it could happen that your mobile terminal will oscillate between them. This will result to short outage of signal coverage for few seconds.  When it happens frequently on your place this should be irritating. Thanks to Mobile network Observer you can proof this situation and argument to your network operator.

Signal strength problem

Have you ever experience signal quality or strength problem? This application can help you to identify exact location and network environment including signal strength, cell information and GPS coordinates. This report you can send to the your mobile network support or business representative. When you provide your mobile network by the exact location it could help reduce time to problem resolution and there will not be any discussions if there is real problem or not.